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Friendship Shopping Centre in Hong Qiao
Located on the corner of Zunyi Lu and Hongqiao Lu
A Friendship store with a good range of stationery, appliances, clothing, shoes, toys, some furniture and carpets. There is also a supermarket with a wide variety of Western style goods.
Friendship Shopping Centre On The Bund
40 Beijing Dong Lu
This shopping centre has a large selection of antiques and handicraft items.
Grand Gateway Plaza
1 Hongqiao Lu, Xujiahui
585 Longhua Xi Lu
Well known Swedish store with International appeal. Products include home furnishings, lamps, toys, home decorating fabrics and kitchen wares.
527 Huaihai Zhong Lu and 1038 Nanjing Xi Lu
A popular Japanese store that has some Western style clothes including Nautilus, Bennetton, Espirit etc. They also stock Western cosmetics and fitness products. Best selection of linens in Shanghai.
Maison Mode
1312 Huaihai Zhong Lu, Tel: 8621-6471-1194
mansion Mode has a selection of Western style clothing brands including Ports International, Prada and Christian Dior. Cosmetics and some furnishing items are also available. On the second floor there is a modern hair salon.
1425 Zhenbei Lu, Putuo District, Tel: 8621-6265-8888
80 Gudai Road, Tel: 8621-6480-8888
These warehouse style stores are similar to Cosco, Sam's club or Macro. They sell groceries, clothing, household appliances and cookware. You can find the best prices in town here. Membership is free and can be obtained on the spot.
Mosta Commercial Building
889 Nanjing Xi Lu, Tel: 8621-6217-5076
This Japanese style department store has a good selection of baby clothes. It is one of very few stores that sells maternity clothes. Mosta also sells shoes and general clothing.
New World Department Store
2 Nanjing Xi Lu
Local department store with a good selection of children's shoes, toys and kitchen tools.

Next Age Or Yoahan
5101 Zhangyang Lu, Pudong, Tel: 8621-5830-1111
One for the largest and most modern department stores in Shanghai. Next Age has 10 floors of imported merchandise neatly displayed. There is a good selection of children's toys and clothing and also a well-stocked supermarket. Next Age is one of the few stores that sells knitting and sewing materials. The 10th floor has an arcade for children that includes a carousel, indoor roller coaster and more. The 9th floor has a food court with dozens of restaurants offering everything from noodles to hamburgers.

Pacific Place
333 Huaihai Zhong Lu, Tel: 8621-5306-8888
They carry world class brands of cosmetics like Christian Dior, Channel and Nina Ricci. The basement also includes a good selection of small appliances.
918 Huaihai Zhong Lu
A local department store with a good selection of cosmetics and a grocery store in the basement.
9393 Huaihai Zhong Lu
A famous French department store selling European and Japanese clothes and accessories for the whole family. There is a French style cafe located within the store you can enjoy a cup of coffee.
Shanghai Eastern National Export & import Wholesale Store
Hu Qing Ping Road and 598 Guomao Lu, Tel: 8621-6421-0201, or 6420-0470
Large local shopping mall filled with clothes for adults and children on the first floor. The 2nd floor has a large selection of local fabrics and sofas. The name of the store is only in Chinese so take a Chinese speaking person along with you.
Shanghai Orient Shopping Center
8 Caoxi Lu, Xujiahui, Tel: 8621-6407-0000
This store sells a wide variety of products including clothes, toys, groceries, furniture, fabcis and appliances.
Shanghai #1 Department Store
830 nanjing Dong Lu
A large locally managed department store that is worth a visit.
Shanghai #2 Department Store
887 Huaihai Zhong Lu
Another large locally managed department store with a good selection of children's toys and clothing
479 Nanjing Dong Lu
Located next to Manhattan Plaza, Sincere carries cosmetics, jewelry and western style clothes. There is a good selection of children's clothes.
Sunrise Department Store
718 Caobao Bei Lu
A good selection of products for setting up a new home. They have drapes, wallpaper, lampshades, fabric, etc.
Taiping Yang (Pacific) Department Store
932 Hengshan Lu
Local department store with a fantastic selection of cosmetics, shoes (Nine West) and international brands of clothing.
Times Square
500 Zhangyang Lu, Pudong
This modern department store in Pudong has 7 floors, all very well arranged. It has everything from clothing, appliances, toys to a food court including Mc. Donalds. They stock good merchandise at fair prices. Just opposite to Yaohan.
Xing Yang Children World
Nanjing Xi Lu, / Zhimen Yi Lu.

869 Nanjing Xi Lu
A large department store with western clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and some children's clothes.


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